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21 March 2018 - FARE’s Alcohol Poll is out today

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12 March 2018 - Media Release:

 Plea to Police Commissioner to fill the bottle shop gap while reforms kick in !

13 May 2013 Russell Goldflam says the NT  is becoming the ‘bully state’ and the ‘slammer state.’

Addiction not Supply:  NT Licensing Dave Tollner  18.4.13 - Click Here

Response to Tollner and to NT AMA’s Dr.  Peter Beaumont on internet alcohol purchases. Dr. John  Boffa PAAC 19.4.13 - Click Here

PAAC has recently had a major win in its campaign for a minimum floor price on take-away alcohol. Just over two weeks after meeting with PAAC representatives in early June, Coles advised us that from 1st July it would:

  • not sell bottled wine cheaper than $7.99 for 750 mls. (equivalent to $1.14 per standard drink);
  • withdraw from sale all two-litre cask wine; and
  • cease running national specials promotions in Alice Springs.

Coles’ Managing Director Ian McLeod told Fran Kelly on the ABCs Radio National Breakfast why the big retailer decided to do its bit to address Alice Springs’ alcohol problems. PAAC was delighted with Coles' response.

Woolworths, which had earlier this year raised the price of what had been very cheap bottled wine, quickly agreed to match Coles’ scheme, and since then all other supermarkets in Alice Springs have followed suit. LAE Supermarkets, which runs three IGAs, has been trialling a floor price at one of its stores, and will implement it in all three, and also stop selling two-litre casks. LAE Manager Reagan Garner believes that because the floor price ‘only affects the bottom 2% of products, responsible drinkers will never notice the difference!’

PAAC is hopeful that the two hotel take-away outlets, which have not been involved in the heavy wine discounting previously pursued by the two big retailers, will also adopt the same regime.

Unfortunately the Alice Springs Town Council voted to seek a reversal of these very exciting changes: Dr. Boffa’s response to the vote can be heard on the ABCs Radio National Breakfast site.

Read more about the arguments and evidence for a floor price on the ABC DRUM Unleashed website here and here, and on the New Matilda website. For more PAAC media releases see our Publications page.

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